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Rail Inspection

Ultimate Flaw Detection services

Q Rail NDT inspection group offers a comprehensive range of flaw detection services by experienced personnel, qualified to US & European standards.

Rail flaw detection, for over two decades, has become a major part of our services to several European, South American, US and others around the world. Quantum has a sophisticated rapid twin rail (Track) surface, volumetric inspection for both Vignola and groove rail type (Ri59, etc.).

Our rail integrity evaluation uses various testing machines in accordance with UIC and the European standards, EN ISO 16729 Pts 1 and 3 (Rails UT, and ET).

Our automated and intelligent system rail flaw detection and analysis provides fast, reliable, accurate, certified inspection services & permanent data storage.

Members of our Industry Advisory include:


RTI 8000SX Rail Flaw Detection Vehicle

Screenshot 2020-10-26 at 10.22.44.png

Exclusively presenting a state-of-the-art intelligent rail inspection system, with which Quantum rail has provided many valuable and second-to-none services to the Rail industry in Europe.Rail bound Jeep type vehicle RTI 8000SX system with faster processing capabilities and ROM transducers is ideal for the evaluation of Rolling Contact Fatigue Cracks (RCF). The probes configurations are unique for interrogation of Thermic, Flash Butt and other types of rail welds. This Rail NDT rail flaw detection vehicle provides detailed rail weld inspection, compound fissure type defects, bolt-hole cracks, RCF location and evaluation, squats & Wheel-burns at speeds of 30 miles per hour; making it the fastest and most reliable rail flaw maintenance system management.

Rail Inspection Services

We've put together a full range of our Rail Inspection Services that's deep covers everything you need for a successful operations.


Pedestrian UT of rails (A&B Scans) & electromagnetic methods (Eddy Current)​​


NDT & pressure testing of air tank cylinders/vessels on rail vehicles (PSSR 2000)


UT & ET inspection of rail vehicle axles, per group standards and RIS-2701-RST


NDT of rail vehicle super structures


NDT training by registered NDT LIII engineers


Development of Rail asset and performance management based on RAMS


Pedestrian UT of rails (A&B Scans) & electromagnetic methods (Eddy Current)


S&C and cast manganese inspection (in track and during fabrication)


Rail breaks investigation – Metlab


Visual inspection, using certified inspection procedures and tools


Automated Rail Testing sales, services and training of high speed ultrasonic flaw detection by RTI’s 8000SX UT flaw detection vehicle


Development of rail wear and failure analysis and condition prediction systems


UT of Aluminothermic rail welds (A&B scan) for fusion faces & volumetric flaws.


UT of crane and groove rail tracks


Eddy Current Testing of rails for data mapping and consultation in railways


Rail fracture analysis and consultancy


Development of QM/governance systems plus training and qualification of staff


Development of management and operation systems of rail maintenance

Setting the latest innovation

A Game Changer: RET Walking Stick


Q Rail NDT has developed the first RET walking stick in the UK. Q Rail NDT has developed, designed and manufactured its innovative QuRET, in conjunction with Ether NDE flaw detection unit. It has successfully carried out a series of RCF/head checks and GCC evaluations with remarkable accuracies, consistencies and detection speed. QuRET, can detect complicated defects in one pass of the railhead using WideScan© Rail probe that has been characterized using artificial flaws of different sizes, orientation and probe-to-rail-clearance. The test rail contains 9 EDM notches, machined on the gauge side at between 18˚ to 22˚ to the vertical, simulating a series of RCFs with varying depths of: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 mm. This will be used to determine sensitivity levels that may be achieved using this probe. The active face of the probe, with an 80 mm scan width, can easily be contoured to suit different railhead profiles.

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