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Since the establishment of our group of companies, and over the past several years, Quantum has provided NDT, welding engineering and material integrity services to an array of industries. Through years of experience we have excelled our reliability, accuracy and the efficiency by which we conduct our business. Speed in provision of our inspection techniques and processes and the achievement of these capabilities have come about by keeping our competencies, tools and facilities abreast with the latest technologies and establishing required quality management system and governance in compliance with applicable standards. Most importantly the conduct of our operations and delivery of services are under the supervision of a chartered NDT Level III technical director. In the field of Asset Management our inspection data have helped in risk-informed condition assessment and optimized risk-based maintenance planning.

Risk and reliability in condition assessment and prediction has become a natural part of our services like:

  1. Risk-informed confidence in condition and allowable service assessment.

  2. Risk-based inspection and Preventive-Maintenance, optimised against service availability.

  3. Risk-informed Predictive-Maintenance program based on integrity prediction methodologies.

  4. Risk informed health reports of systems and structures.

  5. Risk-informed Safety Analysis Reports for licensing & operations.

  6. Risk informed rail transport services, operations and revenue generation.

  7. Risk based maintenance and resource planning.

  8. Risk informed reliability of operations and services.

  9. Risk-informed operational and financial performance reporting.

  10. Risk informed management decision support systems.

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