Key Projects

Rail & Axle inspection


Members of our Key Projects include:


Over the past 20 years we have conducted more than 100 projects for many of our clients with highly satisfactory results.


Here is a summary of our projects successfully completed in the past 20 years.


Key projects that are transforming worldwide rail

Translink (Northern Ireland Rail Network)

Rapid vehicular ultrasonic inspection of complete infrastructure including S&Cs, Eddy Current pedestrian testing of pre and post milling since 2008 and on-going.


Infrabel (Belgium Railways)

Rapid vehicular ultrasonic inspection of designated cargo tracks.


Trackwork UK (All Biomass and Nuclear power generation tracks)

Smaller cargo Rail infrastructures by pedestrian and rapid vehicular ultrasonic inspection. 


Metro de Santiago de Chile

Pedestrian ultrasonic testing of Lines 4 & 4A including cast Manganese turnouts by Eddy Current and Ultrasonic testing.


Metrolink (Manchester Tram)

Pedestrian and Rapid vehicular ultrasonic inspection of tram infrastructure on all lines.


Dockland Light Railways (DLR London)

Pedestrian AT-weld inspection by A & B Scanning systems.


Harsco Rail

Inspection of the entire fleet of Stoneblowers


Balfour Beatty Rail

Inspection of the entire fleet of tampers, compactors, clippers, Kirow cranes, Wagons and MPVs


Hastings Diesel Depot

Inspection of the various classes of Locomotives


Arlington Fleet Services

Inspection of the all models of railbound machineries including Locomotives and Grinders


Harsco Rail (Grinders division)

Inspection of the entire fleet of rail grinders


Riviera Trains

Inspection of their passenger fleets


Pullman Rail

Inspection of their Locomotives and class 57 diesel locomotives